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Students from the IT Academy at Cirencester College visited Hardware Group yesterday to gain an insight into our business and help inspire them to pursue a career in technology. Hardware Group is a member of the Board of Employers for the IT Academy and helps to ensure the IT Academy academic programme remains industry relevant and that students are gaining real industry skills.

Students were met by Paul Bonner, Group Head of Technology, Paul Wignall, Group Head of Business Development and Eddie Murray, Talent Acquisition Partner who discussed hot topics in the tech world and the future of the IT industry.

The students had the opportunity to have a tour around our state-of-the-art Technology Innovation Centre that provides a real-world, comprehensive environment to showcase, evaluate and test multi-vendor solution stacks and applications.

We would like to thank all involved for a compelling afternoon and we very much value your feedback.

“Going to Hardware Group was a really interesting experience, being able to ask questions to someone experienced in the IT industry isn’t something we get to do very often. Hearing about your past and the routes you went down to become as successful as possible in life opened our eyes to some opportunities we wouldn’t have considered before.

What I found most useful about the talk was how much it left me with to research when I went home. I looked into a variety of things such as Software Defined Networking; this was really interesting as it shows Hardware Group predicts the future of the IT industry to keep up to date with the latest technology”.

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