top100-580x358Once again, CRN has published its annual rundown of the UK’s 100 biggest VAR’s (Value Added Resellers) of 2016 featuring Hardware Group.

As an established and successful international provider of advanced IT solutions and services, Hardware Group has built strong relationships with authorised vendor partners, including Juniper Networks, HP, Dell, F5, Palo Alto Networks and VMware.

Following on from the launch of the specialist Solutions, Services, Lifecycle and Cloud divisions in 2015, Hardware Group has gone from strength to strength in 2016. Additional investments in facilities, services and accreditations have included:

All these investments are underpinned by our ISO certifications, demonstrating our commitment to high standards, security and service excellence.

About Hardware Group

Hardware Group is a global multi-vendor leader in providing advanced IT solutions for Enterprise, Mid-Market and Managed Service Providers, delivered through its SolutionsServicesLifecycle and Cloud divisions, supported by a global logistics and operations network. Its team of expert and certified consultants partner with companies to identify, implement and support advanced IT infrastructures that align companies’ technological business requirements.

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