Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

“Beginning the journey as an apprentice was a shock. I was entering a vibrant growing business in the Cotswolds straight from college, not really knowing what to expect. Everyone knows the stereotype of an apprentice. They do the filing, make the tea and do nearly anything that employees in the office don’t want to do, and this was a worry for me, making me think I had made the wrong decision and should have gone to university instead.

However, I was wrong. The role of an apprentice has changed. Within the first three months of starting, I arranged and led a supplier review meeting with a national business that could potentially lead to significant cost savings for Hardware Group. Would I have been exposed to this level of responsibility and real life business scenario at University?

When I go to work I don’t feel like an apprentice, I feel like any other employee. I am treated the same way and given the same time, support and level of responsibility as the people I work with.

Hardware Group really makes apprentices feel they are an integral part of the business and answers any questions I had about turning down university for this opportunity every day I walk through the front door.”

Ed Jeffs – Facilities Apprentice

“I have worked for the Hardware Group for 8 years and have always found it an enjoyable and supportive company to be employed by.

Starting out in the warehouse as an operative, I have managed to progress through the ranks to Operations Manager and the group has always supported me in my ambitions to move forward with new employment opportunities and relevant education.

With an employer, you always hope that you will get out as much as you put in. Working for Hardware Group, I feel that for all the hard work I have put in to the group over the years, the company has given me as much back in return.

I’ve always felt part of the family at Hardware Group. The time and money Hardware Group invest in its employees is something not every employer is willing to undertake.”

Ben Carter – Operations Manager, HardwareServices

“Having had no previous exposure to the IT Industry prior to starting my position on the Business Development Team, Hardware Group have provided me with the tools required to become a competent member of the team.

In house training sessions have given me the understanding and credibility required when prospecting and generating new business.

Working with different Vendors from week-to-week provides exciting challenges, learning about new technologies and how to position them.”


George Baily – Business Development Executive, Hardware.com

“I came across the apprenticeship advertisement while at the job centre. My advisor explained to me what apprenticeships were and how they work. Once I understood this was a chance to start my career at a young age, I was convinced.

I was offered a number of different training courses including First aid, Fire warden, Bendi Forklift + counter balance forklift license and a Networking fundamentals course, all while doing my apprenticeship.

After gaining all this experience, my apprenticeship led to a role for me in the Tech-ops department and I couldn’t be happier. I’m still undergoing specific training within the company to enhance my skills further and I’ve been told I can spend time in different departments to learn what they do and how I could become part of the team.

Hardware Group is a very relaxed place to work, everyone helps me where needed and work is fairly shared across the team. I enjoyed my apprenticeship and would definitely recommend the scheme at Hardware Group to others.”

Joshua Hopewell – Technician, Technical Operations, HardwareServices

“I joined Hardware Group as a Temp in 2003 but within 2 months I was offered a permanent role and was quickly put in charge of booking in all accessories, Gbics, Cables & Memory, which also included all the picking/packing and stock control.

As the company grew so did the role and the amount of stock. The warehouse grew too which meant new ways of holding the stock and I was able to help implement new ideas for handling this. To this day, stock is still booked in and controlled in the way we devised back then.

I then moved to a new role within the despatch area before being given the opportunity to become warehouse supervisor: this meant working closely with the warehouse manager in all the day-to-day events of the warehouse. A stint working in the logistics department also gained me great experience in dealing with loans and stock control.

In 2012 I decided a change was needed. The company was very supportive and offered me a role within the purchasing department. The knowledge I learned from my time in the warehouse time has really helped in this position.

Within the company, all the managers and directors are very approachable and everyone makes you feel welcome. Over the years I’ve seen the company grow from a small company to a still growing larger company and it really is a great place to work. ”

Lyndsay Wood, Buyer – Purchasing

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